Khabat Abas is an experimental cellist and improviser from Kurdistan Iraq. Her work based on sound research, beginning with the acoustic cello, prepared cello and recently with adapted cello; all this is a creation of a place full of fissures and hidden corners, as an environment that was shattered by conflict and war. It was in this environment that she learnt to play the cello.

Khabat’s main focus arises between her lived experience as a cellist and the material agency of her instruments. She explores new ways of playing and new physical relationships with the cello, creating in turn new sounds and new performing techniques and it is a philosophical relationship with time and space.  In her practice Khabat seeks to critique notions of perfection and mastery within Western classical cello playing. She raises questions about imperfections, or what is out of bounds, raising the possibilities of sounds that cannot be controlled. In contrast, to traditional musical values.

Khabat  performed with various ensembles, including the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, Gothenburg Academic Symphony Orchestra and Non-Ensemble for experimental music,  and also she  collaborated with many individual musician in Kurdistan,  Iraq/ Gothenburg , Malmö Sweden/  Berlin Germany/ London, UK.