London improviser orchestra Online recording COVID 19  June 2020 London/UK  

London improviser orchestra  In  I K L E C T I K  February 2020 London/UK  

 Noise Night at the Bishops gate Institute  February 2020 London/UK

Only Strings Can Save Us Now In  I K L E C T I K   A blend of strings, electronics and improvisation.  December 2019  London/UK

Schwarm 13.4 ensemble in Exploratorium  November 2017. Berlin /Germany 

 Trio Claudia  Risch , Khabat Abas, Francis Heery, Art Steglizt  November 2017. Berlin /Germany 

 Schwarm 13.4 ensemble in Artist –Homes  November 2017 . Berlin /Germany 

 Duo, Hardi Kurda, Khabat Abas, Acker stadt palast, 2017 Berlin /Germany 

  Schwarm 13 ensemble in Exploratorium   2017. Berlin /Germany 

  Trio Claudia  Risch , Hardi Kurda, Khabat Abas , Soeth 7 ,2017 .Berlin /Germany 

  Schwarm 13 ensemble in Artist –Homes 2017.  Berlin /Germany 

 Group of improviser in  Exploratorium  2016. Berlin /Germany 

Graphic 4 Notation Artisten, 2016 Gothenburg/ Sweden 

 Wait Here for Further Instructions L’Klectik Artlab, 2015 London /UK

Ensemble for New Music Inter Arts Centre, 2015  Malmö/Sweden 

When the wild instrument sing Visual art exhibition, Concept: Sherko  Abbas, Composition: Hardi Kurda , Cello: Khabat Abas  Goldsmiths university,  2015 London/UK

 Conversation – Improvisation – Composition Madam Claude, 2016, Berlin/ Germany 

CIC Goldsmiths Festival, 2016  London/UK

  Time-Place-Space Stadsbiblioteket,  2015 . Gothenburg/ Sweden 

Conversation-Improvisation-Composition Deptford town hall ,  2015. London /UK

 CIC300815 Improfestival,   Gothenburg/Sweden 

  Sounding map in Ruska museum,  Gothenburg/Sweden 

  Sounding map in Art museum,  Gothenburg/Sweden 

 Space in Brewhouse concert hall ,  Gothenburg/ Swededn 

 The memories in Sherwana Castle , 2013 Garmian- Kurdistan/Iraq

 Seven angel by Stefan Klaverdal Cello and Electronic 2015, Malmö /Sweden 

 Elgar cello Concerto . cello and piano concert. Cello: Khabat Abas Piano: Daniel Björkdal 2010, Gothenburg/Sweden 

 Camerata Gothia  string  Orchestra , 2010.   Gothenburg /Sweden

  Gothenburg Academy Symphony Orchestra several Concert (2008-2010) Sweden 

 Sulaimany string Orchestra 2005. Kurdistan/Iraq

 National string Orchestra 2004 . Kurdistan/Iraq

Iraq National Symphony Orchestra several Concert in Sulaimany and Bagdad  Washington DC national Symphony Orchestra Corporation with Iraq National Symphony Orchestra 2003. /Iraq

 Sulaimany Chamber Orchestra 2001. Kurdistan/Iraq

 Sulaimany University Orchestra 2001. Kurdistan/Iraq

Recital Solo cello and piano 2000, Sulaimany, Kurdistan/Iraq

Participate in most of the Concerts institute of fine art and Music (1995-2000)Kurdistan /Iraq