Shawr (Alarm) Space21 Radio Art festival in Kurdistan Iraq. 

Non- Ensemble’s , Illegal Performance in   Allhelgonakyrkan Lund/ Sweden  

 Non- Ensemble’s , Illegal Performance in  Malmö / Sweden  

London new wind Festival , online .  sound picture graphic score by Khabat Abas 

Experimental venues worldwide online interview and performance (Khabat Abas & Hardi Kurda)

London  improviser orchestra In  I K L E C T I K  September 9  London/UK  

When the wild instrument singing Sherko Abbas , Hardi Kurda and Khabat Abas  in  Arsenal Galeria Poland 

London improviser orchestra Online recording COVID 19  June London/UK  

London improviser orchestra  In  I K L E C T I K  February  London/UK  

 Noise Night at the Bishops gate Institute   London/UK


Only Strings Can Save Us Now In  I K L E C T I K   A blend of strings, electronics and improvisation.   London/UK

Performance  with Stefan Klaverdal, Hardi Kurda and Khabat Abas  Exploratorium Berlin, Germany 


Uchronia, an experimental, noise, electroacoustic and improvised music compilation dedicated to Asia and the diaspora to be published on Syrphe . 3 CDs and some writtings by C-drík Fermont.


Duo, Hardi Kurda, Khabat Abas, Acker stadt palast,  Berlin /Germany 

Trio Claudia  Risch , Khabat Abas, Francis Heery, Art Steglizt  November. Berlin /Germany 

 Trio Claudia  Risch , Hardi Kurda, Khabat Abas , Soeth 7  .Berlin /Germany 

Schwarm 13.4 ensemble in Exploratorium . Berlin /Germany 

  Schwarm 13.4 ensemble in Artist –Homes   . Berlin /Germany 

 Schwarm 13 ensemble in Exploratorium  . Berlin /Germany 

 Schwarm 13 ensemble in Artist –Homes 2017.  Berlin /Germany 


Clamor project , Sulaimaniya Fine art institute.

 Conversation – Improvisation – Composition Madam Claude, Berlin/ Germany 

 Group of improviser in  Exploratorium . Berlin /Germany 

Graphic 4 Notation Artisten, Gothenburg/ Sweden 

CIC Goldsmiths Festival,  London/UK


 Wait Here for Further Instructions L’Klectik Artlab,  London /UK

Seven angel by Stefan Klaverdal Cello and Electronic , Malmö /Sweden

Ensemble for New Music Inter Arts Centre,  Malmö/Sweden 

When the wild instrument sing Visual art exhibition, Concept: Sherko  Abbas, Composition: Hardi Kurda , Cello: Khabat Abas  Goldsmiths university,   London/UK

 Time-Place-Space Stadsbiblioteket,  . Gothenburg/ Sweden 

Conversation-Improvisation-Composition Deptford town hall . London /UK

 CIC300815 Improfestival,   Gothenburg/Sweden 


We wish we had a show but it’s a Festival/  A Visual art exhibition, Concept hand made instrument : Sherko  Abbas,   electronic : Hardi Kurda , Cello: Khabat Abas  daf; Kani kamil Goldsmiths university,   London/UK


 Sounding map  in Ruska museum,  Gothenburg/Sweden Composer Hardi Kurda. NoN Ensemble. Malva Kvartetten – Kurdish musicians

Sounding map  by Composer Hardi Kurda in Art museum,  Gothenburg/Sweden . NoN Ensemble. (Malva Kvartetten – Kurdish musicians)  

Gothenburg Academy Symphony Orchestra concert  / Sweden 

 The memories in Sherwana Castle played by NoN Ensemble , Garmian – Kurdistan/Iraq

 Space in Brewhouse concert hall ,  Gothenburg/ Swededn 


Birds Children  short film   Director: Salar Said. Composition, Violin: Hardi Kurda. Cello: Khabat Abas

Gothenburg Academy Symphony Orchestra concert / Sweden 


Elgar cello Concerto Cello: Khabat Abas Piano: Daniel Björkdal , Gothenburg/Sweden 

 Gothenburg Academy Symphony Orchestra / Sweden 

 Camerata Gothia  string  Orchestra .   Gothenburg /Sweden


 Ljudvagor festival Gotland.  short film . Andetag. Editer: Darya Allaf . Composition, Violin: Hardi Kurda. Cello: Khabat Abas.  


 Sulaimany string Orchestra . Kurdistan/Iraq


 National string Orchestra several concert Kurdistan/Iraq


Sulaimany university string orchestra several concert  

Iraq National Symphony Orchestra several Concert in Sulaimany and Bagdad  Washington DC national Symphony Orchestra Corporation with Iraq National Symphony Orchestra . /Iraq


 Sulaimany Chamber Orchestra . Kurdistan/Iraq

 Sulaimany University Orchestra . Kurdistan/Iraq


Recital Solo cello and piano, Sulaimany, Kurdistan/Iraq

Participate in most of the Concerts institute of fine art and Music Kurdistan /Iraq