• Bråk duo with Colin Weber 27th of April 2024
  • Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge 30th of April 2024 , solo performance with a Bombshell Cello
  • Cafe OTO Maggie Nicols, Mark Wastell, Matilda Rolfsson , Khabat Abas 1st of May 2024
  • Mystery Planes Walthamstow Trades Hall solo cello at 4th May 2024
  • Cafe OTO Space21 festival 12th May 2024
  • Curious Ear St Margaret’s in Manchester duo with Caroline kraabel 25th May 2024




  • Sonorities festival  Belfast 13th of April 2024
  • Cafe OTO ,  INK-PAPER-SOUND, Trio 19th March 2024
  • NNNNN x Telegrafía: Cedrik Fermont with Khabat Abas & Hardi Kurda, 15th March 2024
  • Kings College London, One Orchestra New 8th MARCH 2024
  • Jazz Rumours, Caroline kraabel& Khabat abas Duo 3rd March 2024
  • Newcastle ICMuS seminar 31st January 2024
  • Cafe OTO Trio,  Pat Thomas, Alya al-sultani , Khabat Abas 28th January 2024
  • Institute of incoherent Cinematography Zürich, Switzerland 20th January 2024



  • Hundred years Gallery 16th of December 2023
  • London School of Economics and Political Sciences 8th  December 2023  
  • Zero Parameters residency October 2023
  • Experimental festival  London 19th August 2023
  • Cafe OTO, Duo  & Trio Caroline Kraabel , Pat Thomas and Khabat Abas 13th of August 2023
  • Shubbak festival , Duo moment Hardi & Khabat 8th of July 2023, Watermans Arts Centre, London 
  • Daylight Music , Duo moment, 24th of June 2023, St John’s Leytonstone, London
  • Krama festival, Duo moment,  Athen 17th June 2023
  • Cafe OTO,  Space21 festival May 2023
  • Breach Festival  Duo Moment 19th -20th April 2023 in Nicosia Cyprus 
  • Space21 festival  16th -17th April 2023  in Slemani- Iraq
  • Irtijal festival,  Duo moment 12th of April 2023  in Beirut, Lebanon. 
  • Cafe OTO,  “A” Trio  and Hadi Kurda and Khabat Abas 5th April 2023 
  • Cafe OTO, Performance Dror Feiler, Hardi Kurda, Khabat Abas, 5th February 2023 London
  • EAR WE AREfestival, Steve Berssford, Faradena Afifi, Beibei Wang, Khabat Abas, 4th February 2023 Sweitzerland 
  • Soundout festival27th January 2023 Canberra Australia 
  • BRÅK,Duo  with Cath Robrts – Khabat  Abas, in Waterintobeer , 21th January 2023 London  
  • Iklectik performance 17th January 2023 London 


  • Klangwerkstatt, Festival for new Music on 13th of November 2022 in Berlin.  
  • Hundred years gallery performance with Douglas Benford, Alan Wilkinson and Tasos Stamou on 16th October 2022.
  • Free womenDuo performance with Maureen Wolloshin, Free Range Canterbury,  on 13th October 2022 
  • Space21 In Partnership with Sonorities Festival, sound research project Abandonment Spaces on 29th September 2022 Supported by British Council Iraq and Northern Ireland, Queen University Belfast, STIM Forward Fund.
  • National Theatre London, Frankenstein in Baghdad workshop with Mariam raze, Director:  Jack McNamara Writer:  Josh Azouz  at  26 – 28th July 2022 
  • Mosaic RoomLondon , performance 29th of June 2022
  • Arch1Live Music Venue performance 13th of June 2022
  • Hundred years Gallery– Duo ( Caroline Kraabel – Khabat  Abas) 20th of May 2022   
  • Space21 FestivalKurdistan Graphic notation installation ( Lailaya – lullaby) 13-14 April 2022 
  • Borderline Festival – Onassis foundation Athen  Duo moment (Hardi kurda-Khabat Abas) 8th April 2022
  • Cafe OTOOrchestra New (women) 1 April 2022
  • Cafe OTO Duo moment with Alya al-sultani 14th March 2022
  • IklectikDuo moment  23th February 2022
  • Noisy womenat Hundred Years Gallery 20th February 2022
  • Movement_athensRadio interview with Christina Hazboun February 6th 2022
  • Syrphe at Colabradio/FR- BB.org by Cedrik Fermont 
  • Winter sound festivalin Canterbury  January 2022


    • Space21 festival In Kurdistan Iraq December 2021
    • Nomus new art museum, Illegal Performance by Khabat Abas, Hardi Kurda Gdansk / Poland 2021
    • Cafe OTO Duo Moment release
    • Caffe OTODuo Moment, Khabat Abas, Hardi Kurda London 2021
    • London improvisation orchestra and Norway’s Bergen Improstorband in Iklectik London 2021
    • Listening Biennial in Space21In Kurdistan /Iraq 2021
    • fmKultur Symposium Weimar  interview with Khabat Abas, Hardi Kurda Germany 2021
    • Rewire festivalproject by Wojciech Rusin 2021
    • Eavesdropping Series Performance filmed in the chapel at oxford House


  • Performance inSpace 21 Radio Art festival in Kurdistan Iraq
  • Performance with Non-Ensemble Illegal Performance two new work Dokan dam by Hardi Kurda and Beams of Light by Stefan Klaverdal in Malmö & Lund Sweden
  • Performed inHorse Improvisation Club online at Iklectik, London
  • London New wind Festival-hosted by Catherine Pluygers /  Composition by Khabat Abas  (Sound picture) for Three solo.
  • The whole is encountered by going further into the parts by Scott McLaughlin
  • When the will, instrument singingconcept by Shero Abbas, composition by Hardi Kurda and performance by Khabat Abas, Hardi Kurda and Sherko Abbas, exhibited as a video in the Arsenal Gallery Power Station for Kurdish Artist in Poland.
  • Co-Curating Noise Night 2.0 at the Bishopsgate Institutein London
  • Performed with London improvisation orchestraat Iklectik, London
  • Performed Only strings can save us now, Iklectik, in London, by KUBOV duo/Mira Benjamin/Khabat Abas. A blend of strings, electronics and improvisation.


  • Performed in Daylight Music 312 in the Union ChapelLondon
  • Performed Mikrophonie Iby Karlheinz Stockhausen at Goldsmith university of London
  • Performed Treaties by Cornelius Cardew at Goldsmith university of London
  • Performed with Stefan Klaverdal and Hardi Kurda in  ExploratoriumBerlin


  • Schwarm 13 .4 – Free Improvisation Large Ensemble at Artist-HomesBerlin, German
  • Schwarm 13 .4 – Free Improvisation Large Ensemble in ExploratoriumBerlin, German
  • Performed Klang bilder – Sound Printings – Kunst raum SteglitzBerlin, German


  • Performed Associations between the imageand the sound atSOEHT 7 Berlin
  • Improvisation in Acker Stadt Palast, 2017 Berlin German
  • Performed in Clamor projectin Kurdistan /Iraq
  • Performed with Ensemble for New Music Inter Arts Centre, Malmö, Sweden
  • Performed Graphic 4 Notation in Artisten, GothenburgSweden
  • Performance When the wild instrument sing Visual art exhibition, Goldsmiths university,
  • Performance Conversation – Improvisation – CompositionMadam Claude Berlin
  • CIC Goldsmiths university Festival in London


  • Wait Here for Further Instructions by Alan Hilario in Iklectik, London
  • Time-Place-Space by Hardi Kurda  (The vibration of Books) Stadsbiblioteket Gothenburg
  • Conversation-Improvisation-Composition Deptford town Hall in London
  • Seven Angel by Stefan Klaverdal Cello and Electronic Inter Art centreMalmö/Sweden
  • CIC300815 Improfestival in Gothenburg
  • Sounding map in Röhsska museumin Gothenburg
  • Sounding map in Konstmuseumin Gothenburg
  • Space in Brewhouse concert hall in Gothenburg,
  • The memories in Sherwana Castle, Garmian- Kurdistan/Iraq


  • Camerata Gothia orchestra, several Concert. Gothenburg Sweden
  • Gothenburg Academy Symphony Orchestraseveral Concert
  • Elgar cello Concert with Daniel Björkdal piano in Gothenburg/ Sweden
  • Fågelbarn, Short fiction film by Salar Said, Composer Hardi Kurd, Cello voice, Khabat Abas
  • Breath Documentary film directed by Darya Allaf, composer Hardi Kurda, Cello& voice Khabat Abas.
  • Gotland sinfonietta

1995- 2004

  • Iraq National Symphony Orchestra several Concert
  • Washington DC National Symphony Orchestra, in Kennedy-center  Collaboration with Iraq National Symphony Orchestra
  • Solo Cello Recital in Kurdistan /Iraq
  • Sulaymaniyah string Orchestra several Concert
  • National string Orchestra in Sulaymaniyah several Concert
  • Sulaymaniyah Chamber Orchestra several Concert
  • Sulaymaniyah University Orchestra sevaral concert
  • Participate in most of the Concerts in the institute of fine art and Music in Sulaymaniyah/Iraq